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About CCRL

Welcome to our laboratory!

The Climate Change Research Lab (CCRL) at the Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) is led by Prof. Seung-Ki Min. The research goal of our laboratory is to better understand the observed climate changes and to produce more reliable projections of future climate changes and their impacts on human society and ecosystem. 

The assessment of climate change impacts and the evaluation and selection of adaptation strategies require climate information that is both regional in space and localized in time. Our laboratory is actively working on understanding and predicting regional-scale climate changes through the use of newly available observations, climate modelling and experiments, and development and application of improved statistical techniques. In particular, attributing past and future changes in high-impact climate extremes such as heavy precipitation, heat wave, drought, and Arctic sea-ice melting and identifying associated physical mechanisms are among major topics of our current research.


[ If you are interested in joining CCRL, please feel free to contact Prof. Min ]