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Ga-Yeong Seo (서가영)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Ph.D. (Division of Earth Environmental System, Pusan National University, 2023)


Research Interest

Extreme rainfall event, Regional climate modelling

Seo, G.-Y., and J.-B. Ahn, 2023: Comparative study on the characteristics of rainfall simulation over South Korea by summertime weather patterns according to the use of cumulus parameterization. Theor. Appl. Climatol.

Seo, G.-Y., and J.-B. Ahn, 2023: Comparison of Bias Correction Methods for Summertime Daily Rainfall in South Korea using Quantile Mapping and Machine Learning Model. Atmosphere, 14(7), 1057.
Seo, G.-Y., J.-B. Ahn, D.-H. Cha, M.-S. Suh, S.-K. Min, E.-C. Chang, Y.-H. Byun, and J.-U. Kim, 2023: Evaluation of multi-RCM ensembles for simulating spatiotemporal variability of Asian summer monsoon precipitation in the CORDEX-East Asia Phase 2 domain. Int. J. Climatol., 43(8), 3710-3729.

Seo, G.-Y., and J.-B. Ahn, 2020: Sensitivity Analysis of Cumulus Parameterization in WRF Model for Simulating Summer Heavy Rainfall in South Korea. Journal of Climate Research, 15(4), 243-256. (in Korean)

Seo, G.-Y., Y.-W. Choi, and J.-B. Ahn, 2019: Near Future Projection of Extreme Temperature over CORDEX-East Asia Phase 2 Region Using the WRF Model Based on RCP Scenarios. Atmosphere, 29(5), 585-597. (in Korean)