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Mincheol Moon (문민철)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Ph.D (Department of Climate System, Pusan National University, 2023)

Research Interest

Tropical cyclone, Extreme rainfall

Moon, M., K.-J. Ha, D. Kim, C.-H. Ho, D.-S. R. Park, J.-E. Chu, S.-S. Lee, and J.C.L. Chan, 2023: Rainfall strength and area from landfalling tropical cyclones over the North Indian and western North Pacific oceans under increased CO2 conditions, Weather and Climate Extremes, 100581.

Kim, H.-R., M. Moon, J.-H. Yun, K.-J. Ha, 2023: Trends and Spatio-Temporal Variability of Summer Mean and Extreme Precipitation across South Korea for 1973–2022, Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, 1-14.

Moon, M., and K.-J. Ha, 2021: Abnormal activities of tropical cyclones in 2019 over the Korean Peninsula, Geophys. Res. Lett. 48 (7), e2020GL090784

Moon, M., and K.-J. Ha, 2019: Effect of typhoon-generated cold wake on the subsequent typhoon Tembin and its sensitivity to horizontal resolutions, Atmosphere. 10 (11), 644

Moon, M., Y. Choi, and K.-J. Ha 2016: Effect of Sea Surface Temperature Gradient Induced by the Previous Typhoon's Cold Wake on the Track of the Following Typhoon: Bolaven (1215) and Tembin (1214), Atmosphere (Korean), 26 (4), 635-647

Moon, S., K.-J. Ha, M. Moon, J.-G. Jhun, and J.-Y. Moon 2019: Designing of conceptual models on Typhoon and Changma utilizing GK-2A satellite data, Atmosphere (Korean), 26 (2), 215-226