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Min-Gyu Seong


Ph.D. course (since 2017 Sep.)

M.S (Atmospheric science, Kongju National Univ., 2016) 

B.S  (Atmospheric science, Kongju National Univ., 2014) 

Research Interest

Bayesian analysis, Climate model evaluation


Seong, M.-G., M.-S. Suh, and C. K, 2017: Intercomparison of prediction skills of ensemble methods using monthly mean simulated by CMIP5 models. Asia-Pacific J. Amos. Sci., 53(3), 339-351.


Seong, M.-G., C. K, and M.-S. Suh, 2015: Inter-comparison of prediction skills of multiple linear regression methods using monthly temperature simulated by multi-regional climate models. Atmosphere, 25(4), 669-683. (in Korean)

Seong, M.-G., S.-G. Oh, and M.-S. Suh, 2014: Simulation skills of RegCM4 forced by ECHAM6 for fine-scale regional climate over South Korea. Journal of Climate Research, 9(4), 283-302. (in Korean)

Seong, M.-G., M.-S. Suh, 2014: Characteristic of infrared and water vapor imagery for the heavy rainfall occurred in the Korean peninsula. Korean journal of Remote Sensing, 30(4), 465-480. (in Korean)